Long time, no Talk

Dear my beautiful blog,

I haven’t written in ages, I can’t even remember my last post its been that long. I’ve had so many ups and down lately that I don’t know where to start. First off, Jelly betrayed me and I now kinda hate her….she told me that I was a bi*ch and that I only think of myself, theirs other stuff she said that I won’t say. I’ve also had a lot of suicidal stuff happening, but not to me. Two of my friends have starting cutting….well only one but the other one is biting herself because she is starving herself. I don’t know what to do……I went and told the teachers, but they didn’t do much and I’m really worried and I’ve been really stressed out because of everything….from Jelly, to the cutting, to my parents and everything else that is happening…….

I’ve got a confession………

I’ve been having these……what I think are panic attacks. I just freeze up and breath really fast. I have no control on these things and I’m starting to worry about myself. I don’t know what to do…..I don’t know who to tell (well I’m telling you)……? Can someone please comment some advice……….?

So this isn’t a post unless I show you some of my pics. I’ve gotten some new pics so I’ll show you themDSCF0522.JPGDSCF0543.JPGDSCF0553.JPG

There was once a cat online

Now that cat is going offline


How’s your week going (so far)?

Yolo people,

How have you been going? I haven’t written in a while cause I’ve been super busy, with heaps. Just as I thought I would have time to write this, I forgot or something came up. Like, how I had to do this project and have been busy doing that. I have a bit to say and I  better say before my friend kills me because I haven’t written anything.

So, I have a new crush! Code name is Frank (only a few of you guys will know who I’m taking about). Frank is my old crushes friend (code name – Larry) Larry, and Larry has been looking at me really weird and its pissing me off. I DON’T LIKE YOU ANYMORE!!!!!! Anyway Frank is nice, I won’t say really nice cause people say that he is not the best, but who cares.

Moving on, I have a story to tell you.

Once upon a time, (Its not that kind of story, there is still no happy ending).

Last week, me and my old friend (code name – Ella) Ella were hanging out at the school PAC (music place). We saw Larry and guess what happened, Ella fell for Larry. I guess having someone talk on and on about Larry, kind of made me like him just a bit (I said just a bit). When I told Ella, she then said okay whatever.

The next day we went down to the PAC, to see if Larry was there. We saw Larry and everything went hunky dory.

On Thursday, Ella then came up to me and said she was asking him out. I kinda was shocked, wait no I WAS SHOCKED! I asked Ella when this was happening (just inquiring), well Ella then turned around and said “It’s none of you business, you don’t need to know!” I was a bit taken away. My good friend (code name – jelly)  was standing beside me when all this happened, so she heard what Ella had said about how she was asking him out. Ella than started telling Jelly that she shouldn’t listen in to others peoples convo’s, which she wasn’t, she just happened to be there at the time and Ella didn’t say go away or anything so how was Jelly to know that she wasn’t meant to be listening. I was starting to get pissed off.

Anyway, me, Jelly and Ella had sport. Ella was than banging/punching a wall that was already pretty much broken, thinking it was funny. Jelly and I asked her nicely to stop and Ella starting pretty much losing the plot. She told us that we can’t tell her what to do and how to run her life. Next thing I know Jelly and Ella (and me on the side lines saying little bits at a time) were in an argument.

That’s the end of my story. I don’t know what to do and if I should forgive Ella. She has done this stuff to me all the time when a boy gets involved. Which doesn’t matter anymore. I don’t care about Larry, I’m just really annoyed at Ella and how she treated me and Jelly.

Can you comment down below what to do. I’m confused. Ella has done this to me before and I’ve always forgiven her then, but should I forgive now?

There was once a cat online 

Now that cat is going offline

PS: Sorry for the silly names. Lets just say I don’t have much creativity.

PPS: Sorry for no pic this time. I was going to take some pics today, but never got round to it.

PPPS: Sorry if nothing makes sense.



This Week, so far.

Hey guys or girls,

Have you ever been told that your either to chatty or to quite or you laugh to much. I hate it. I’m normally not the kind of person to complain about what people say about me or even take any notice of it. But today was different.

My year 8 friends are away on camp. So I have like no friends at school (p.s: I’m year 7). I had friends in year 9, so I hung out with them today. They said I was so loud and noisy and talk so much. I didn’t mind what they said at the start, but then they just went on and on. I then got to class and my other year 7 friends (who I don’t hang out with a lot). They said the same stuff that the year 9’s said.

I don’t know what to do until my year 8 friends get back from camp. I feel so sad.

There was once a cat online,

Now that cat is going offline.

P.S: I have NAPLAN this week, Lucky me. NOT!!


Yolo people,

So lets start at the start. First of all, I finally have an internet friend (you problay have heaps but this really cool for me), shes from Amercia and that is so awesome!! (If your reading this I’m so sorry for anoying you like 1:00 am). Secondly, my crush is now single, I’m on like cloud nine!!! I really want him to ask me out!!!!

Lastly, I don’t have any special pic for this week, so I’m just going to find a cool pic I took i while back, like so…….

I took this at the Blue Mountains near Sydney.


There was once a cat online 

Now that cat is going offline


So here’s the thing there is this boy at school, he is really cute but the other day he did something really mean to me and I mean something mean. But now I kind of have a crush on him. Plus my best friend is dating him and I don’t know weather I’m too much of a weirdo and forgive people so easily and that it’s not right to like a guy my bestie is dating. Please help!!!!!!!!!

There was once a cat online 

Now that cat is offline 

Ps. Sorry I haven’t posted anything in a while. 


Hey guys, I’m back hoped you missed me (I was only gone for a week, but anyway).

We got to go surfing, snorkeling, canoeing and I GOT TO PAT A PUFFER FISH! (I still alive people its ok.) I had an awesome time although it could have been warmer when we went snorkeling.

I thought I better show you guys some of the pics I took while I was away. I didn’t take many because I was really busy and I didn’t want to get my camera wet, (we did a lot of water activities.)  But I got some cool ones when we stopped on Geelong on our way there.




Hey there, 

Sorry guys, I did say I was going to do more posts but I’m going on camp this week and I’m not allowed to bring my phone, so sorry if u were looking forward to more posts. Will put up some pics of camp when I get back 

There was once a cat online

Now that cat is offline 

Thanks all

Hey Guys just thought I better say something to all u guys who commented and my post. It makes me really happy and I had the biggest smile on my face for a while now. Even though I don’t know some of u I love ❤️ u all and couldn’t thank u more.

There was once a cat online

Now that cat is offline

Ps: I have decided to post a post once a week (be ready for some crazy things, I’m not the most creative)

PPS: Happy Valentines Day 😘❤️


Hi there, so as u probably already know I normally write post with just text, but I’ve found a way how to get my pics off my camera and on to WordPress. So from now on this blog is going to be filled of lots of pics (I’ve taken myself.) I want to be a photographer when I’m older, so I might as well start small and work my way up.

My first pic is going to be one of my favs. Its of me and all of my achievements in my room. Hope u like it.

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Now that cat is offline


Secondary School

Hi guys, I have just started Secondary School or high school what ever you want to call it. It has been differently weird and wonderful. Elouise already has a crush on this guy, and well I sort of like this guy, but I don’t think he likes me, let alone know who I am. I had sport today and this girl did 100 sit-ups and then I did just 30 (I really need to get fit, lol). Does anyone have any tips on how to get a guy to like you? If so please say them in the comments and maybe I can help you in return.

There was once a Cat online

But now that Cat is going offline

Ps: My new school computer want let me bold my words, (stupid computer).